at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Natalie Readings

Trainee district nurse

...I'm known for being assertive and supportive of other staff.

Initially I completed a part-time, access to health and social care course whilst working as a healthcare assistant at West Suffolk Hospital. Then I achieved my degree in nursing, qualifying in 2013. I trained at the hospital under the University of Suffolk. My final placement was in the community as I knew that’s the area I wanted to work in.

I spent six months gaining experience in the acute hospital in order to complete my preceptorship and consolidate my training. I’m so pleased I have acute experience. It’s really important to understand how acute and community settings work in partnership and the realities of each.

After mentorship training I applied for the district home nursing at level 7 which I complete in December.

It’s been hard work but I have a clear idea of where I want to get to. If you have the drive and desire to achieve, and your managers can see that, you are supported and encouraged the whole way. I’m a single parent with two sons, therefore at times I’ve had to work flexibly. There are expectations, but if you’re open and honest about pressure and challenges you deal with it together.

As I near completion of my district nurse training, I’m considering the next level of nurse prescribing training that will be of benefit to my patients.

That’s what gives me the most satisfaction; providing long-term care for people in their own home environment. Adapting to their life and building a relationship with patients and their families.

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