at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Emily Burton

Senior occupational therapist

...I'm known for representing my patients.

I was a therapy assistant before realising occupational therapy was my calling.

Getting our patients safely home with the support they need is our priority. Most importantly we make sure we do what’s best for them and what they want. We consider their individual wish-lists and are guided by the patient themselves. We ask: “What do you want to achieve?”

I support people to achieve their goals after illness and injury. For example, standing up or putting on makeup. We aim to give the person back to the patient, in order to make them feel like themselves again.

At the West Suffolk I’ve been nurtured in my role, and developed my skills. Consequently my enthusiasm and dedication has led to my promotion to senior occupational therapist. I rotate between the acute setting of West Suffolk Hospital to community services at Newmarket Community Hospital and out in the homes of our patients. Therefore, this gives me great variety. I can do the role I love, progress, and have a change of scene now and again.

Why more people aren’t occupational therapists I don’t know. It’s the best job in the world! And also why they wouldn’t work for the West Suffolk, it’s great.

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